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Declaring Your Major

Two LSFY students declaring their chosen major at our “Well, I Do Declare” Celebration

“The LSFY program is a unique first year program that allows students to discover opportunities not only at NC State, but also explore potential career paths that they may not have been exposed to otherwise. When I was a first year in LSFY, I has absolutely no clue what I wanted to do at State, let alone a career path. Through different activities, assignments, and hearing the stories of the class assistants, I felt more prepared in how I could figure out my path. After my first year, I decided to return to the LSFY program as a class assistant and share my experiences and perspectives that I have learned throughout college. This has been such a unique opportunity that has allowed me to develop leadership skills while connecting with like-minded students. As I reflect nearly four years since my first semester at State, I’m proud of the impact that I’ve had on students and am excited to see the future impact of the program after I graduate.”
Nathan Kohn, Genetics Major, Class of 2020

After the first year, LSFY students are expected to apply to transfer into a degree program using the NC State Change of Degree Application (CODA). Students can indicate their top three choices. Requirements for entry into each degree program are listed and updated on the CODA site. Students can apply to any program at NC State, as long as you meet the minimum requirements listed on the CODA site for that program.  Most majors, however, seem to require the “preferred requirements”. When students move into a major, they will be assigned to a new advisor within their specific program.

Tips for filling out your CODA application:

  • Make sure to select “Change Major” instead of “Add A Major.”
  • Use all three options you have to maximize your chances of matriculating into a major:
    • Option 1: This is your top choice major.
    • Option 2: This is a major is your back up major that you meet some to most of the preferred requirements.
    • Option 3: This should be your safe back up major.  You should meet all the preferred requirements.
  • If the major you are interested in has concentration, do not apply to multiple concentrations.
    • Example: Biological Sciences: Human Biology and Biological Sciences: Integrative Physiology and Neurobiology are the same majors and are viewed the same during CODA review.  You should only choose one concentration within a major and use your other options for other majors.
  • The application also asks you to provide a statement of interest for the major.  While your response should be formal in tone and thoughtful, a short answer of 2-3 sentences is sufficient.
  • If you do not get into your top choice major, you can always reapply during the next CODA cycle.  Please note NC State requires all students be in a degree-granting major by the start of their fifth term.  You can find out more about the policies towards progress towards undergraduate degrees here.

Change of Degree Application