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Class Assistants

Instructor and LSFY students working together in class

“I am a sophomore and there were some events in my freshman year where I had wished I had gained or sought guidance; those events encouraged me to become a class assistant for the LSFY program. I was able to share how to cope with the challenges that the first year poses….I was able to advise my students about the do’s and don’ts of college; for example, I explained the importance of devising a study technique for exams, making connections with professors and peers through campus organizations etc. Along with that, I was also able to sharpen my communication skills.”
Pankti Sheth, Human Biology Major, Nutrition Minor, Class of 2021

The Life Sciences First Year Program boasts an additional layer of support for our students during their first-year experience per the Class Assistants. Class Assistants are upper-class students who will be present in your LSC 103: Exploring Opportunities in the Life Sciences course. They assist the instructor in the course, your Academic Advisor. Class assistants offer a student’s perspective and are familiar with common transition issues associated with the first year experience, and are knowledgeable about the Life Sciences First Year Program because they were in your seat not too long ago.  For example, they can offer advice on which classes and professors would work for your goals, they offer study tips for various classes, and they can provide insight on summer experiences and research opportunities on campus.

Ms. Deanna Bullard – recruits, trains and coordinates the Class Assistant opportunity.