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Prospective Students

Students working together on a project

“Being apart of LSFY allowed me to really find what I was passionate about, and gave me a great community to start off with my freshman year. I love being a class assistant and having the ability to help other LSFY students to give them a good experience their first year, like I had!”
Bri Murphy, Genetics Major, Class of 2021 

We are excited you are considering NC State and the LSFY program! Learn more about the majors we support here.

The primary way to connect directly with faculty and staff of LSFY are during open houses and information sessions like Pack Previews as well as monthly online sessions.  During these sessions, our team will answer questions and provide an overview of the program, the eight life science majors, our advising model, and what to expect once you get to campus.  Before that time, start your exploration of the program by watching this video, which will address the program and our highlights. 


  • Open House occurs annually on a Saturday in mid-October on campus.
  • General Online Information Sessions are typically offered once a month on Zoom, on the second Thursday of every month from 3 – 4 pm. You can sign up for these sessions here.
    • January 12
    • Feb 9
    • March 9
    • April 13
    • May 11
    • June 8
    • July 13
  • Pack Preview Sessions occur thorughout the spring months and typically are in person on campus as well as in two remote locations, such as Charlotte and Fayetteville. Click here for more information.

Tours of NC State Campus (in general)

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions offers General Information Sessions and Walking Tours of campus to all prospective students. You must register with Admissions to attend these sessions.

  • For additional information on campus visits, please see the Office of Undergraduate Admissions page.
  • If you are interested in Undergraduate Research and/or a Tour of a Research Laboratory the Office of Undergraduate Research can work with you based on individual interest.  We have Student Ambassadors (OUR Ambassadors) who can lead prospective students to various facilities and answer questions of relevance.  These OUR Ambassadors serve as peer mentors to students interested in a research experience and help the OUR maintain student focused programs across a wide array of disciplines.  They are located in Broughton Hall Room 2229.  Another point of contact is Dr. Chris Ashwell, who is the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Professor of Poultry Genomics, Nutrition, Immunology & Physiology. 
  • Parking around campus is all paid parking.  Please visit our transportation website for more information.
    • Prospective families typically park in one of the paid lots: Dan Allen Parking Deck or Coliseum Parking Deck.  In addition, you may choose to park on Hillsborough Street at one of the metered parking spots.