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Spring Entry

A LSFY Advisor helping a student in his office in Bostian Hall

Spring Advising

Congratulations on your admission to NC State University for the Spring semester!  LSFY will be in contact with you via your NCSU email to discuss what you will need to do in preparation for your spring start at NC State.

For more information on the Spring Connect program, please see the following links:

Important Dates

  • May – Look for additional information to Spring Connect students sent via email.
  • May-July – Academic Advising for students who are interested in Summer or Fall coursework at another institution.
  • Early June*  – Deadline to confirm enrollment.
  • Early July* – Deadline to request to be considered for a different major than what you originally put down on your application.
  • Mid July* – Deadline to submit fall plans via Wolfpaw and official high school transcripts to Undergraduate Admissions.
  • End of August – End of September* – Deadline to complete Math (October 9) and Chemistry Placement Test (October 9)
  • Mid October – LSFY Advising Team will connect with you to help you select courses for the spring and answer questions you may have (look for email sent from LSFY on specifics)
  • Mid-October – LSFY Academic Advisor Assigned
  • December  – Deadline to submit official final transcripts to Undergraduate Admissions from any institution you attended in the summer/fall
  • Early January* -New Student Orientation

*please consult the webpages of Admissions as well as Registration & Records for specific dates.

During the Fall Semester Prior to Starting at NC State

During the fall semester, many of our students decide to take some courses at local community colleges.  This is a fine idea and a good way to stay current with course material.  If you decide to go this route, we recommend you prioritize the following courses during the fall semester in the following way:

NC State CoursesCommunity College Courses
BIO 181: Intro Biology IBIO 112 – General Biology II
BIO 183: Intro Biology IIBIO 111 – General Biology I
CH 101/102 – Chemistry: A Molecular Science CHM 151 – General Chemistry I
CH 201/202 – Chemistry: A Quantitative Science CHM 152 – General Chemistry II
MA 141 – Calculus IMAT 271 – Calculus I

Another popular and wonderful opportunity is to use the fall semester to travel and participate in one of our Study Abroad programs.  Click here for more information on these programs in general.  The Prague Connection is a unique program for first-year students who are admitted to NC State as part of Spring Connection.  Prague Connection gives students the opportunity to earn NC State credits in Prague during the fall semester, preparing them for academic and social life prior to officially starting their degree program on campus in the spring.  Program and Scholarship Application Deadlines are usually around the middle of May, but scholarship application deadlines are usually around the start of May.

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