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Current Students

LSFY Graphic Logo Winner Madison Michael with her fantastic design to celebrate LSFY’s 10-year anniversary

Annual Art Competition

Every spring semester, students submit their ideas for creating an art piece that encompasses “life science” with winners selected to produce their work before the end of the semester. The artwork is hung on the walls of Bostian Hall.

Arwen Banerjee with her tapestry “Life through Warli”, 2024

Research on Campus

Many students are interested in getting some research experience. While it may seem daunting at first, there are many opportunities on campus to help you get into a research lab.

  • PackTracks is a two-semester course sequence offered through the Biological Sciences Department. During the first semester you work with 3 professors to plan your research project and then during the second semester, you conduct your research and present your findings through a poster presentation.  It is a great way to get your foot in the “research door”.  Find out more information by contacting Dr. Miriam Ferzli.
  • The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) maintain student focused programs across a wide array of disciplines.  They are located in Broughton Hall Room 2229.  Another point of contact is Dr. Chris Ashwell, who is the Director of the Office of Undergraduate Research and Professor of Poultry Genomics, Nutrition, Immunology & Physiology. 
  • Connecting Undergraduates to Research Opportunities in the SciencesCURiOuS: Find out more about opportunities both on campus as well as in the state of North Carolina.
  • NC State Websites that Provide help
    • The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) has a helpful site on applying for jobs and internships, including search resources with different organizations and programs.
    • The Department of Biological Sciences has a great website on Undergraduate Research, including links for grants and upcoming research presentations, as well as information about how to find a position.

Events (Recordings)

  • Virtual Tour of Biochemistry Research Lab followed by Q & A Session with Dr. Trino Ascencio-Ibanez.  Please click here for the recording.
  • Virtual Tour of Nutrition Science Labs with April Morrison.  Please click here for the recording.
  • Welcome Event – Plants for your Dorm (~25 minutes) and Nutrition in your Dorm (~20 min) with Dr. Chad Jordan (Director of Undergraduate Programs, Plant Biology) and Dr. Natalie Cooke (Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Undergraduate Nutrition Program) and several great students! Click here for the recording.  Learn about different types of plants and how to propagate and grow plants in your dorm, and also learn about how to prepare some nutritious meals in your microwave as well as tips for healthy nutrition.

Help & Information

Resources and Websites for Help with Core Classes


  • Paul’s Online Notes with notes, “cheat sheets”, practice problems and additional practice (with solutions)
  • OpenStax Calculus has easy-to-read text with examples, additional practice at the end of each section, and additional practice at the end of each chapter (including review materials)
  • OpenStax Precalculus has extra practice on fundamentals found in algebra, trig, or precalculus